Artist Watch – CYNE

Posted on December 16, 2008 by


Before I get started, I just need to say that my man Joachim showed me these guys and he is the friend in the story below, good looking out Joe.

CYNE (pronounced sign) is a group from Gainesville, Florida that consists of 2 DJs (Speck & Enoch) and 2 emcees (Akin & Cise Star) These guys can spit, they got dope beats and they talk about interesting stuff. They are the complete package, musically very impressive with a jazzy beat. Chill music and easy to listen to when kind of zoning out but still sick when you listen to every word. Since I got their stuff, they have been on repeat on my iPod for almost a week now.

The other day I went to get some from my friend and I asked which album, he said to just take them all cause it was all good but I didn’t want to take that much music at once so I just took Starship Utopia and Evolution Fight. He said that I should take them all cause I was just going to come back and take the rest and that night I came and took Pretty Dark Things, Time Being and Collection to finish off their major albums. All of it is good and to add to it, Pretty Dark Things and Starship Utopia just came out this past year (2008) so they had enough sick tracks for 2 full cds!!

these guys just sound cool on the mic, so I uploaded all 5 albums individually for those who only like to take 1 album at a time and listen to it a few times through but I also uploaded all 5 albums in one file in case people wanted all 5 and didnt want to download 5 things…
Hope yall like it, but if you like hip hop, you will definitely like CYNE

All 5 cds – downlo@d
Evolution Fight – downlo@d
Pretty Dark Things – downlo@d
Starship Utopia – downlo@d
Time Being – downlo@d
Cyne Collection (1999-2003) – downlo@d