The Knux

Posted on December 30, 2008 by


So you may have heard “Cappuccino” or “Bang! Bang!” but if you liked them and you haven’t heard the rest of the album I highly suggest it. This duo from New Orleans got a little help opening for Common, and this debut album has gotten some attention, but not as much as I think it deserves. Now, you could probably argue that they’re still young and their music still needs to develop, but honestly this is probably the most unique sound I’ve heard in a while, and hearing something unique has become harder and harder these days. Not every track is a knockout, but most are unlike anything else you’ve heard so they’re worth giving a listen. “Hush” is probably the nastiest track, so obviously it’s my favorite. I know my boy Raph is also on “Cappuccino”. These two say they were inspired by Outkast and Pharcyde but I’d guess there’s a lot of other stuff in there. Some people compare the sound to N.E.R.D. cause it does a have a little rock influence to it, but I’d still say it’s pretty different. At the end of the day, if you’re trying to hear something truly new download Remind Me in 3 Days.