Elec-Tronic Master

Posted on January 10, 2009 by


J Dilla’s tragic death left a gapping hole in Hip-Hop, but despite leaving us much too early he has left a legacy. His protege is beginning to bloom and create incredibly dope material of his own. Black Milk is also a Detroit born MC/producer like Dilla, and the stamp Dilla left on his style is unmistakble, its beautiful to hear Dilla like material without it being a copycat. Black Milk has created an incredible buzz, much in part because he just keeps getting better and better. The strides made from his album Popular Demand to Tronic are tremendous, he’s begun to translate his great talent and the knowledge he acquired from Dilla into amazing music. His skills on the mic are probably his greatest improvement, but he still needs to continue fine tuning them. Tronic was hailed by many as the best Hip-Hop album of 2008, which is quite impressive considering the music that came out, while Elec is the mixtape that preceded and hyped the album. The sky’s the limit for Black Milk.

Downlo@d Elec Tronic