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So stoked for Notorious which comes out this Friday, the 16th!
I am not going to give a bio or information on Biggie cause 1. everyone should know it and 2. the movie will do just that so I am just going to give an update of things related to Notorious BIG and then link the two albums that were recorded during his lifetime Ready to Die and Life After Death(L A D was actually released after he died but he had already finished recording it.

1st off, Bobby Fresh just released some new shirts that are themed by Biggie Smalls just in time for the movie.

Ready to Die – downlo@d

Life After Death – downlo@d

Imma also leave you with the trailer and a music video of a classic Biggie song.
I will definitely be bumping these albums all week in preparation and I hope yall enjoy the music and the movie.

I just got Born Again which is an album released 2-3 years after Biggie died and it is made of old verses of his (most of which were unreleased and unheard at the time) and then modern artists wrote their own verses and recorded the album. It is pretty good stuff, much better than the Duets Album that came out in 2006 under a similar style.

Between Life After Death, Ready to Die, and Born Again you should cover his greatest hits cd as well as the soundtrack to the movie (minus the Jay-Z and Jadakiss songs…) so buying them would be unnecessary.

Born Again – downlo@d

I’ll put up Duets-The Final Chapter here too, it is made of old verses (many of which are already heard) and mixed with today’s artists who wrote their stuff around it. Its all right, but here is a link just in case.

Duets – downlo@d

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