New Day, New Era, New Clothing

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This is going to be a Barack Obama inspired set of posts, I will give a few updates of my personal favorite clothing, art and music inspired by our new president.

First of all, many different brands have been making Obama type shirts and many people are personalizing their own as well. My favorites have to be the ones made by UNDR CRWN.

UNDR CRWN is an urban wear clothing company, they fuse hip hop and basketball into most of their items. They made a shirt inspired by the Vince Carter dunk in the 2000 Olympics when he jumped over a 7’2 guy and dunked on him.

Dunking Shirt

Here is a link to some of their other shirts.

And finally they made in Inaugural shirt with the image of Obama posed as the Lincoln Statue at his memorial. Basketball fans will note that it is similar to the George Gervin Ice Man Poster where he sits atop an ice thrown with basketballs under each hand. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address is also written across the back.

Inauguration Shirt

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