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I am going to try and do more real album reviews on this site. I am not going to put as many downloads, more trying to spread music knowledge and unless the music is free everywhere – I am not going to be supplying it. SO here is my first review, please comment on my review – whether you agree but also just how readable it is and how helpful.

My initial reactions to the Mixtape were very positive; I really enjoyed my first listen and I still like what I hear. The beginning is kind of slow in my opinion: through the first 7 tracks I really like 2 of them. Personally, Coolness is one of my two favorite tracks on the album but the Native Tongue Medley is definitely a slouch in the track line up.

Deals a Deal brings it back hard as a second start to the album CL Smooth is an incredible addition to the song as both he and Rhymefest as well as Haffa flow easy over the beat. The battle with Big Daddy Kane is a fun and interesting idea, which I don’t dislike but don’t love. At this point the album reaches a point of excellence where it does not leave. The next three tracks are great, Rhymefest has had beef with Charles Hamilton and just has not liked the way the new rappers are conducting themselves in general. He feels that they are disrespectful to the Hip Hop of the past and many of them front to be hard. Tender Thug, Supersonic, and Wup Your Ass is just Rhymefest using his sense of humor and experience to put those guys back in place. Pulls Me Back is a very good track with solid beat and nice lyrics from Rhymefest. Party For Free is a fun party type song and it is nice but with songs like that lyrics are sometimes lost or do not receive the attention they are due. Rhymefest’s best asset is his lyrical ability so in songs where the words take a bake seat, a big strength of his is lost. Overpaid Lover & Exodus 5 1 are both very solid songs all around. Goin In is dope and Queen Latifah brings it hard. I actually think she flows better than Fest on this track but overall it is a good track and one of my favorites. Memory Lane is similar to the Native Tongue Medley songs because it is a very forgettable beat with some good lines. When I am done listening to this Mixtape as a whole, Memory Lane will not make my repeat rotation. Rhyme Slow Rhyme Quick is my other favorite song on this Mixtape; the combination of the slow pretty basic beat with the drums and Rhymefest’s flow is just great to me. Prove Myself & RNQ are a very strong finish to a solid Mixtape. I enjoy the interwoven sound bites and they are a great conclusion. Overall I give this album 8/10.

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