Top 10 to Watch For – Honorable Mention

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I have been speaking with Raph and Anu about what type of blog we want Da Wh@t to be and we have been talking about giving information as well as music. That is why I have started to review albums and with that in mind, I am going to do a series of posts on what I will call my Top 10 To W@tch For. I will give 10 artists that have either just recently put out an album or are going to put one out soon as well as a couple honorable mention artists. Whether you agree or disagree with the order, I don’t think anyone will doubt that the following artists will bring good things to the Hip Hop world.

First up is J.Cole:
J.Cole is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and has been writing since he was 12. At 15 he received his first beat making machine and from there started creating his own stuff. He went to St. John;s University on an academic scholarship and actually ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude. He is yet to release an album but his first mixtape, The Come Up is pretty dope.
The Come Up – downlo@d

Young Chris is next on my list:
Young Chris started his rap career as half of the duo Young Gunz from North Philadelphia. While the duo has released two albums and even been nominated for Grammy’s Chris is just starting his solo career releasing mixtapes and preparing for an album. I leave you with The Newprint
The Newprint – downlo@d

Fashawn is a local rapper (at least local to my hometown) from Fresno County, California. He works with Evidence, the emcee from West Coast group Dilated peoples and has already released 4 mixtapes. He has one coming out at the end of summer produced by mixtape legends Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.
The Phenom 2 – downlo@d

Charles Hamilton:
Had I made this post 3-4 months ago, CH would be way higher on my list but his series of beefs (from Soulja Boy to Rhymefest) as well as song mixtapes that I have not loved have moved him down on the list. No question he is a talented emcee and I will definitely cop his album when it does come out, but I am kinda over the CH hype for now.
Pink Lava Lamp – downlo@d

Drake or Drizzy as nicknamed by Lil’ Wayne (Weezy) fans is an impressive emcee from Toronto Canada. He started his entertainment career on the show Degrassi but dont be fooled cause he can definately spit. His studio album isnt set to come out until 2010 but his latest mixtape is fire.
So Far Gone – downlo@d