Fear & Fancy

Posted on May 17, 2009 by


Some of you readers may not know this, but I am about to finish up my freshman year at Stanford. Through the course of the year I’ve realized that our class has a lot of musical talent. There’s one trio in particular, Fear & Fancy that’s formed in this year and shared their music with the whole campus. Originally from Boston, two of the three reunited on campus and met their third member to create a completely new sound. Their first album Twenty Twelve is about to drop, and you guys can listen to it for a limited time on their myspace . If you guys do give it a listen they would greatly appreciate it if you filled out this survery telling them what you thought. They’ll also send you a free bonus track for doing so.

These guys’ sound is reminscent of The Roots, but it makes sure to go somewhere different and keep it original. I’d definitely say that the production on the CD outshines the lyrics, but they have really good musicality so I’d recommend giving it a listen. Even if you don’t listen to the album I’d recommend at least checkin out “Off The Grid” and “Window’s Peak”. Both are upbeat and cool, and “Window’s Peak” creatively borrows from “When Doves Cry”. “Embrace” is another good song, and their most successful slow-tempo song. It’s a short but endearing love song. In general, they need to think a little bit more about consolidating instrumentals and lyrics, but this is a really good effort for a freshman album.