Top 10 to Watch For – #10 KiD CuDi

Posted on June 3, 2009 by


KiD CuDi is a young emcee hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. In the case that you haven’t heard of him or heard his stuff, don’t judge him based on where he is from cause he brings a lot of interesting stuff to the table. He has yet to release an album but his musical contributions are still abundant.

His original and only mixtape’s titled A Kid Named Cudi is a very good listen. Being his only release it is very impressive that he is signed to a major record label, and that major label is G.O.O.D. Music led by Kanye West. Since has been signed he appeared on Kanye’s latest album as well as 88-keys’. His hit song Day N Nite was played on Entourage and gained the biggest success so far reaching Top 10 lists on iTunes as well as constant radio play. With some fame behind him, and DJ E-V put together a compilation of his newer unreleased music and titled their mixtape Dat Kid From Cleveland. I like it more than his first and show his growth musically even in a relatively short amount of time.

In my opinion, KiD CuDi is the least impressive lyricist of the artists to watch for series but I put him up there because he does know how to make music sound good. An artist can have incredible lyrics without flow or if they don’t have a good ear for choosing beats then it can be wasted so lyricism is not the only important factor. Similar to Kanye West, who is not an amazing emcee but consistently puts out worthwhile music, I think that KiD CuDi has great crossover appeal and will get play on Hip Hop/R&B/Pop radio stations alike. He likes to change his voice and pace up all the time ranging from singing to standard rapping and the diversity on his mixtapes keep him from getting boring.

A Kid Named Cudi – downlo@d

Dat Kid From Cleveland – downlo@d