Top 10 to Watch For – #9 Tyga

Posted on June 5, 2009 by


Coming in at number 9 is Tyga from Compton, California. His eligibility as a rapper to watch for is questionable since he already has an album out but I believe that his new style should count as restarting his career. Also before I start, I must admit that I have not listened to his first album, No Introduction, but I remember the single and it was not the most impressive.

Music runs in the family, Tyga is the cousin of Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. Tyga actually got into the music business opening for Gym Class Heroes on a tour in 2007. His latest mixtape, Outraged & Underage is a very impressive exhibit of lyricism. He has developed his flow and word play that displays his maturation over the past years. Where he started out as a pop like singer/rapper with lines like “what a mess, but we cleanin’ the club/ice so bright make a fight scene in the club/ don’t test, cause there’s beams in the club…” and the song goes on. Now, while he is nowhere near the top, he has began to use off-rhymes and some inward rhyming as well as heard on the song Cali Love “I’m the one next to best does it/remove your ear plug-ins I never stutter/until now brother my city will now love me.” I am impressed with the strides he has taken and can’t wait to hear his future projects. He has a mixtape that is due any day now, called The Potential and an album dropping next quarter some time.

Whatever you hear his name on, I think it will be worth a listen because Tyga is bringing it on each and every track.

Outraged & Underage – downlo@d