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Michael Jackson’s contribution and effect on the musical world is undeniable. He has served as an inspiration for many artists including Djs and emcees involved in hip hop. I have compiled the tributes that I could find and will link them below with a description. If you see some artists you already know make sure to hear their tribute but I would strongly recommend checking it all out. Defiantely leave a comment saying which one(s) is your favorite(s). Hit the jump for links.

First up, Rhymefest created a tribute mixtape to Michael Jackson back in 2007. I feel that it should be put first because it was a tribute to his music while he was alive and not just in memory. Rhymefest had this to say, “People like to refer to MJ as the King of Pop. I disagree. I think many of us realize he was the King of Music, redefining the way many artists approach their craft; whether it be Hip-Hop, soul, R&B, blues, pop and rock. Please download MAN IN THE MIRROR and recapture his misunderstood beauty.”
Man in the Mirror Mixtape – downlo@d

Next we have a song by The Game featuring Chris Brown, Diddy and Polow Da Don called “Better on the Other Side”

Cymarshall Law also made a tribute track, he said that he wrote it yesterday and that he wasn’t planning on releasing it but when he woke up this morning he felt that other people should get to hear it. We are lucky he felt that way, great track.

FWMJ made a HIStory Remix with J DIlla’s music.

And as for some DJs:
J. Period put together a mix that he says is not a greatest hits or best of, “it is simply a stream-of-consciousness mix of my own personal favorite Michael Jackson records, plus some unreleased rarities and demo versions of MJ classic.” He hopes that no matter what you think of the man, you enjoy the music.
Man or the Music – downlo@d

Another mix done by DJ Aryes in tribute of the King of Pop.

DJ Jaycee gives us a “soulful” mix of 37 tracks mixed together.
The Soulful Years – downlo@d

Finally we have Cookin’s Soul Tribute of mash ups featuring Kid Cudi, Eminem, 2pac, Notorious BIG and many more!
Tribute to the King of Soul – downlo@d

One more from the Press Play Show
Michael Jackson Remixed – downlo@d

DJ Premiere TRIBUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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