New Artist: Life Don and Najea

Posted on June 30, 2009 by


I was at Venice Beach the other day and there were quite a few rappers out there promoting cds and mixtapes. I ran into two guys, Life Don from Watts, Ca and Najea from Compton, Ca. They played me some of their music and I really enjoyed it. Having received just a sample at the beach, I immediately threw their cd in my car player and listened to it straight through. I was very impressed at the professional production and sound quality (that is sometimes missing from street artists) as well as the general style of the mixtape.

These guys have a real West Coast sound; one that could be found in the 90s but easily keeps up with the times even today as 2010 approaches. Having worked with artists such as Turf Talk and San Quinn from the Bay Area they keep the whole coast on lock, branching out from just the Southern California area. They’ve opened for artists from E-40 to Snoop Dogg to Nelly and claim to have sold over 100,000 copies of various tapes just through word of mouth and street hustling.

Their music definitely has a street feel and seems to be authentic as they are out there making a living every day. Where as artists like NaS, Jay-Z and even 50 Cent may have lost touch with that aspect of their life as they became rich, Najea and Life Don are still here and still represent. If you like that hardcore west coast sound (Ice Cube, NWA, Ice T) then these guys are definitely worth checking out!

If you like what you hear/read then go check their myspace and support the artist!