Top 10 to Watch For – #5 Curren$y

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Curren$y, also known as the Hot Spitta or just Spitta, has been one to watch for, for quite a long time. Hailing from New Orleans, the same city as “The Greatest Rapper Alive.” He signed to Master P’s No Limit records in 2005 and left that for Young Money in 2007. He was featured on The Carter II and had a ton of hype surrounding him as he gave genius versus on the Dedication mixtape series as well but as time went on and Young Money refused to release is album he lost the buzz.

Eventually he left the label because he was not a priority and wasn’t getting the attention he felt he deserved. Fast forward to 2008 having released a few mixtapes, Curren$y went on a binge releasing 7 mixtapes this past year a lone. He had to earn back trust from his old fans that had lost hope as well as gain enough support elsewhere to warrant his own album being released. He finally dropped his first studio album This Ain’t No Mixtape in 2009 independently through different electronic sources. And this album does not disappoint, even for the wait.

A very casual and laidback feel, this music can be played at pretty much any time. He always brings it hard and his lyricism is impressive and still improving as you listen to his mixtapes in sequential order. As the chorus of Elevator Musik goes “this is elevator music/ all we do is ride around and get high to it” and much of his music is designed for people to cruise around or smoke too. Being a huge fan of marijuana, that theme appears in much of his music but do not think that all of his stuff sounds the same or that it will get boring. I am just trying to convey the chill sound that comes from the speaker. Much of the time, I imagine Hot Spitta recording his music just lounging in a Lay-Z-Boy.

His biggest attribute is his flow. His voice may be annoying to some people (I have not heard anyone complain, but I imagine some people may feel that way) but I think it just adds to his sound. No matter what tempo the song is at, he effortlessly rides the rhythm stringing together multiple words. Although he has already released an album, I still consider Curren$y an artist to watch for because he is not going anywhere but up. While there are many talented emcees from NO, as well as many popular ones, I cannot say that Curren$y is the best from New Orleans, but he is underrated and is definitely at near the top of my list of rappers from there.

I don’t feel like zipping and uploading every mixtape so I am just putting three. Here is the link to buy his album (because I am not giving away music that should be purchased) GO SUPPORT THE ARTIST, he is releasing this independently with his own money.

Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly – downlo@d

Fear and Loathing in New Orleans – downlo@d

Super Tecmo Bowl – downlo@d