Top 10 to Watch For – #3 Wiz Khalifa

Posted on July 10, 2009 by


Wiz Khalifa, like Curren$y, is not quite as new as the other guys on this list because he has already released an album but the coverage and distribution was not quite on a national scale. Anyway, he is definitely someone to keep your eye on with plenty of new material this year and al album do sometime 4th quarter. He comes from Pittsburgh, Pistolvania and represents them well considering how few rappers from there have reached the popularity he has already.

A very creative guy, the 2008 hit and his most well known song “Say Yeah” features an old dance song “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay. He clearly enjoys rapping and seems to be having fun without getting careless or sloppy. He raps about what he knows, be it tattoos, marijuana, or even the leaked photos of naked celebrities. He keeps his stuff up to date and interesting and his mixtapes never get boring, only outdated by his new material. Even still I look back to his old stuff all the time and am pleasantly surprised when I remember how much I like them.

The reason he is someone to watch for because his best material has been released in the last two years in the form of two mixtapes: Star Power and Flight School. From 2008 and 2009 respectively, the production value has increased immensely from his early work (kind of as expected) but his rhyming is definitely getting better too. He brings a real chill sound that can be applied to different kinds of situations, similar to my #5 To Watch For, Curren$y. And in fact, they are collaborating on a mixtape as I write this; How Fly is slated to drop sometime this month (I am expecting it next week but we will see).

I am putting download links to Star Power, Flight School and How Fly.

Flight School – downlo@d

Star Power – downlo@d

How Fly – downlo@d