Rafael Casal – The Grinch’s Lesson in Bay Area Slang

Posted on August 3, 2009 by


Rafael Casal (a.k.a. Mr.Getback) is a Bay Area artist all over the arts world. He’s mostly known for his slam poetry, being a two time BNV Poetry Slam Champion and a three time cast member of Def Poetry. He was recently featured in Bill Ayers’ Handbook of Social Justice in Education and co-wrote a Hip Hop theatre piece. It’s pretty clear that this is not your average emcee.

His first LP, As Good As Your Word, came out last year, and the newest one, Monster, drops on halloween. All three DaWh@t writers are Bay Area natives, so I just had to post this. It’s quality though, so take a listen. Baydestrians, enjoy! Everyone else, think of this as an educational moment. Props to Chase for sending this on to me!