Future Plus New Rhymefest Songs

Posted on August 25, 2009 by



I am currently on my way back to school so that is why I have not been making too many posts. Do not worry though, because I have a few ideas for series that will be informative and entertaining, and of course, bringing good music! In the mean time I have found two new songs by the artist Rhymefest out of Chicago.

He is a grammy award winning rapper who has worked with artists from Kanye West to Talib Kweli to Ghostface Killah.  He is currently working on a new album but the songs “Binary Code” and “Angry Black Man” did not make the cut.  I wrote a review of his most recent mixtape The Manual, for my first review ever.  I have also posted a link to his Michael Jackson tribute mixtape that was made 2 years before MJ’s death.  He is one of my personal favorite rappers so I try to show people his music when I can and an incredibly talented guy, I can’t wait until El Che finally drops!


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