Diamond in the Rough

Posted on September 15, 2009 by


Black Sunn and Mydus.

Black Sunn and Mydus.

MC Black Sunn and Producer Mydus hail from the cites of Baltimore, MD and Miami, Fl respectively. Their mixtape Born Alone, Die Alone isn’t a flawless gem but it does feature quite a few amazing tracks.

The first song off the mixtape  “Through The Sun Lyte”  is a beauty and it perfectly conveys the mindstate and mantra of Black Sunn. I suppose I have a bit of a soft spot for this mixtape and the Baltimore related lyrics because of a 2-week The Wire binge over the summer. I watched all 5 seasons in a short period and really fell in love with the characters and their relationship with the city of Baltimore. I discovered this mixtape thanks to IllRoots.com, who collaborated with the artists to help the release, around the same time and it became an extension of the show.  The first 4 tracks (my faves) provided more insight on Baltimore, more stories, more tragedy and more hope. I say hope because despite his youth Black Sunn (19) seems well on his way to being a very good MC. His flow isn’t perfect yet he sometimes forces the end of lines, hurrying to finish on beat. But with hard work, it stands to reason Black Sunn could one day spit a classic album.