Filthy, Nasty, Underground

Posted on September 19, 2009 by


Exile, the man behind the amazing sound of Below The Heavens , has been hard at work and this year released a solo album Dirty Science. I thought that introducing Exile and this album to our Hip-Hop discussion was relevant because much of Exile’s music pushes the limits of Hip-Hop.

Both of the songs below are featured on the same album, a Hip-Hop album in my opinion. I’m not sure if I would really categorize the song “Silver Moon” as Hip-Hop though, does that then put into question the whole album? Which doesn’t have the feel of a “traditional” Hip-Hop album. When somebody like Exile, Kanye or Kid Cudi  makes something that is really different are they no longer Hip-Hop artists? I feel like the obsession with categorizing what is Hip-Hop might be stifling our artists ability to fully express themselves musically and consequently our ability to enjoy their full potential. On that note one man who is definitely not feeling the ill effects is Exile.