(Da) What’s On My Mind – Post #3

Posted on October 5, 2009 by


da whats on my mindThis is not going to be a deep theoretical post but just some quick thoughts.  I don’t know who has been following but MTV has released their Top 10 Hottest Emcees list and over the weekend it was finished up.  Im going to give you guys the final list and links to check the official video coverage of the list.


9.50 Cent


7.Young Jeezy

6.Gucci Mane

5.Rick Ross

4.Kanye West


2.Lil’ Wayne


So there are many surprises to me on this list, some good and some bad.  For one, I was pleasantly surprised to see Raekwon on this list.  Also, personally, I have kind of missed out on this Gucci Mane explosion or whatever is going on, he just hasnt found a way onto the music I have been hearing but I guess he is whats hot right now.  I think it is interesting that MTV chose to make this Top 10 Hottest list, I mean they did not want to do the best or talented, but they chose to do a list of who is buzzin and who is hot right now.  I think the person I most feel should be on there that isnt is Eminem.  He just put out Relapse after a 5 year hiatus, Relapse 2 is coming out in November.  Not to mention he was on the super track “Forever” along with Hot emcees 2-4 and he absolutely destroyed them if you try to compare verses.  I think that enough should get him on the list but what are you guys thinking?  Who is your top 10 Hottest in the game right now? Do you think it was a good thing MTV made this list or what?