K.I. – Artist Watch

Posted on October 7, 2009 by



I don’t know much about this guy but he has been sending over material and it is consistently impressive.  I am going to post a quote from the email which hopefully gives you guys a better of idea of what K.I. is about but I think he is worth checking out.

“K.I. is one of the most talked about rap artists of today.  With his debut mixtape “I Want In” producing hit street singles such as “A Day in the Life”, “The City”, “Old School Cool” K.I. has solidified status as someone to watch.  Lyrically superior to the “one-and-done” rappers of today he has taken the internet by storm.  His gripping lyrics ring surprisingly true and paint vivid portraits of life on both sides of the street.  K.I. delivers hard street chronicles but also keeps the crowd moving with club anthems.  With a flow reserved for the greats, K.I. has the soul of a star.  He has quickly become one of the most anticipated artists in years. The journey starts now.”

I uploaded his mixtape as well as a couple loose tracks he sent, solid, street beats with street lyrics.  Make sure to check out K.I.