December 4th

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40 years and approximately 9 months ago today Jay-Z was conceived under a Sycamore tree which i guess makes him a more sicker MC. 1 year ago today DaWhat was conceived on old rickety blogspot which i guess makes it a surprise we’re a wordpress hotspot (haha see, thats why I leave the rhyming to Jigga lol). As the Carter family and Hip-Hop, celebrate the rise of one of their favorite sons to the summit of the music world , we celebrate our first year up and can only dream of such heights. We can however thank everyone who’s followed, commented, submitted music or provided any kind of support. As we grow and expand our connections amongst fans and the Hip-Hop community, we hope to provide you with greater depth and a fresh look at music, art, fashion and news . I felt it would be appropriate to post the song December 4th by Jay-Z and all the remixes I could assemble, as well as a video of the making of the original. Hopefully the remixes will please, there’s a lil of everything for everyone. Alternative fans will really enjoy the DJ DangerMouse/Beatles, RJD2, Incubus and Oasis remixes. While rap heads will love the 9th Wonder, Pete Rock and DJ Premiere remixes in addition to a FreshGalaxy (mashup featuring Lil Wayne). I even got my classical music lovers on lock with a remix over Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. Hit the Jump for the videos!

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