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For weeks now my homie Elliot had been telling me about an amazing album by Sene & Blu: ADayLate&ADollarShort. I checked for it mostly because of Blu’s name, but when i listened i was surprised to hear another great MC spiting. Blu in fact did not have a single verse on the album (relegating himself instead to role of producer) but Sene more than holds serve, providing the listener with a deep thoughtful myriad of stories and rhymes. This album was surprising not only for Sene’s abilities but also for the great strides and improvements made by Blu as a producer. The last work I had heard produced by Blu was his mixtape HerFavoriteColo(u)r and while it was beautiful and had its moments, I found it lacked consistency. On this album however Blu seems to have really started to define his own distinctive style and it leads to better music. The standout track on the album, despite being an intro, is PressPause. I encourage everyone who loves good music to go buy this album or download it from ITunes! If you’re too broke for that make sure to download Sene’s free mixtape at least. Link and video after the jump!

He did this mixtape awhile back in collaboration with Sucio Smash and


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