Da Be@t Detective: Mysterious Vibes edition

Posted on December 12, 2009 by


In this edition I’m going to highlight and discuss one of my favorite samples of all time. “Mysterious Vibes” by The Blackbyrds(1977) is one of the smoothest tracks I’ve ever heard and it plays out perfectly as a sample.

The first time I heard the sample was on the track “Still Lookin” by Dom Kennedy(2008) but it’s also used on “Ink My Whole Body” by Wiz Khalifa (2008), “The Days of Old” by Paris (1992), “One in the Chamba” by The Almighty RSO (1992),  “I’m Kurious” by Kurious (1994), “One for the Money” by Horace Brown (1996), “Wanderland” by Danny!(2008) and “Around The World” by Bueno ft. Dubb 20 and The Jacka (2009). Usually I wouldn’t  post all the different versions but in this case they all have their own unique flavor and twist on the original. Hit the Jump for some DOPE tracks.