End of Year Forecast

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As the end of 2009 approaches, we at Da What have decided to take a look back at the year from a hip hop perspective.  On December 29th, 30th and 31st we will be posting our lists of who we feel had the best year, our top 10 mixtapes and the top 10 hip hop albums of 2009 respectively.  These types of lists are almost impossible because there are more than 10 great anything but it is still fun to compile it.  Yes, albums will be left off that many feel deserve top 10 bids and that is what the comment section is for! Mixtapes are even more difficult because anyone trying to make it, anyone who has made it, or anyone who is trying to stay relevant is releasing mixtapes.  Personally, I have probably listened to over 200 mixtapes this year at least and I’m pretty sure Gucci Mane released around that many himself, so we had to focus more on the tapes that had at least some sort of national or regional recognition but once again for any that we missed – put a link or description in the comment box.  We have also decided to make a list of hip hop artists who had an extra special year because we cannot deny Gucci’s constant hustle but at the same time cannot put anything he released on a top 10 list without killing myself.  That being said, we are in the process of compiling these lists so if you want to make sure we hear your stuff before it is finalized tell us now!

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