Top 10 to Watch For – 2009 Recap

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As the new year begins, so will my series “Top 10 to Watch For” but before I introduce everyone to 10 (plus honorable mention) up and coming emcees that will make a splash, I thought I would recap how last year’s “youngins” did.  Along with my recap, I am going to re-rank them as if I made the list today; the new list will be based on their work since my last posts and what I am expecting.  And if you haven’t already done so, download my Top 10 to Watch For Mixtape!

First up are the 5 emcees that I had named as honorable mention. J. Cole dropped a very good mixtape called “The Warm Up” and toured with Jay-Z but we should be hearing much more from this guy in 2010.  Young Chris also dropped a worthwhile mixtape, “The Network” and word is that “The Network 2” should be upon us soon.   If I were to redo this list, Fashawn would have the greatest jump in spots because his debut album was one of the best this year!  Charles Hamilton went through a lot in the second half of 2009 but he has returned with a nice new project and a brand new resolve.  Drake… well I am going to assume you know about Drake, expect his album to drop first quarter of 2010.

On to #10, Kid Cudi had a great year and released a very different but well focused album.  Man on the Moon was a hit or miss for most people because of its unusual sound in the realm of hip-hop but it is one that I definitely enjoyed.

#9 Tyga released a couple mixtapes and put out a debut album with his crew, Young Money.  I am personally not a big fan of the cd but he now has 2 while others are working on their first, so got to give credit where credit is due.

Big Sean, #8, is still hard at work on his debut but it should shape up to be real nice considering all of his resources over at G.O.O.D. music.

Bobby Ray finally has a tentative release date for his album as well as the first single, “Nothing on You.”  Although he hasn’t been making as much music recently as he has been known to do, his promotions with the College Football Bowl games and other advertisements has kept his name relevant.

Mickey Factz did not put out any more music in the second half of 2009 but within the initial hours of the new year dropped #Alpha, a dark, introspective mixtape providing a variety of sounds and talents.

Curren$y used his independence from Young Money to release 2 albums this year as well as a couple mixtapes.  He continues to use his Internet following to his advantage and has even had videos on rotation on MTV.

Jay Electronica put out, in my opinion, the best song of the year in “Exhibit C” but that is about all he has blessed us with.  Act II was supposed to come out between Christmas and New Years but, like most Jay Elec projects, we are still waiting for it.

Wiz Khalifa has yet to disappoint me, multiple mixtapes in 2009 and an album as well.  Taylor Gang or Die!

Blu released a single track “album” of disgustingly bad quality with the promise of a CDQ dropping eventually.  Unfortunately, he said days later that the original files were gone and that we would have to do, even so, bad quality recordings of Blu are STILL better than no Blu.  Just hoping that he gives us some more stuff soon!

Finally, Wale, as seen last week or so, had a very good 2009 on all accounts.  He did plenty of promo, touring, music making, there was not much more that could have been asked from this guy.

Original List:

15.Charles Hamilton

14.Young Chris




10.Kid Cudi


8.Big Sean

7.Bobby Ray

6.Mickey Factz


4.Jay Electronica

3.Wiz Khalifa



New List – based on what they have done/who was best in 2009.


14.Charles Hamilton

13.Young Chris

12.Mickey Factz

11.Jay Electronica


9.Big Sean




5.Kid Cudi

4.Wiz Khalifa


2.Bobby Ray