Top 10 to Watch For 2010 – Honorable Mention

Posted on January 12, 2010 by


As we bring in the New Year, I am bringing back my Top 10 to Watch for series with a whole new list of guys that you should know and should expect big things from.  Through my experience with this blog, in just a year, I have learned more about music than I probably knew before I started.  That being said, these guys may be lesser known my last list or maybe not, it is tough to gage with this whole Internet.  If they are lesser known, it may take longer for a debut album to hit stores than it did for the 2009 candidates but don’t forget these names.  Here is honorable mention for 2010.

First up, is XV hailing from Kansas?! Don’t be too quick to judge cause this guy can definitely spit.  A simple Google search of his name would lead you to believe XV is all over the place, features on numerous websites and blogs, 5-6+ mixtapes out there, yet not once have I heard him on the radio or television or any type of popular venue.  That is a shame because he brings his own sound with a futuristic/funk vibe throughout.

Everybody’s Nobody – DOWNLO@D

Next up is Sene, who has been featured on our site a couple times, most notably because he works a lot with the west coast rapper, Blu.  Sene’s last project was produced entirely by Blu (under his producer name of GODlee Barnes) but Sene’s lyrics provide reason enough to listen. Check Raph’s review here.

Clif Soulo is another emcee that we are fond of here at and for good reason.  His debut project Forever Be Hip-Hop, the tribute to Common with an Oakland flair, has been well received on the Internet as we all await his upcoming mixtapes! I got a chance to catch up with Clif and we expect big things to come.

Forever Be Hip-Hop – DOWNLO@D

Diz Gibran, out of Los Angeles, put out a project that was difficult to keep off our Top 10 lists for last year.  Soon You’ll Understand has a nice west coast sound without typecasting him into a predictable position. Diz is definitely someone to look out for in the upcoming year.

Soon You’ll Understand – DOWNLO@D

Finally Tragedy Tha Beast. I am going to keep pushing this guy until everyone finally wakes up.  Smooth flow with clever wordplay that is different enough that you can’t see his punchlines coming.  If you don’t have his last mixtape yet, get it here. And look out for a new project in the next month or so.