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Ever wanted to write about hip hop before? Know a dope emcee that everyone’s been sleepin on? Want to share your thoughts on the industry, the culture, and the future of the game? Hit the jump to figure out how to write for Da What.

We are currently starting to look for guest writers for the 2010 year. If you’re interested hit us up and let us know. Here are the rules: all you need to do is send us a writing sample and fill out the questions below. Writing samples should be at least 3 paragraphs long and should have something to do with hip hop, but other than that it’s up to you. Submissions should be sent to the5collaborators@gmail.com


  1. Name
  2. Where you’re from
  3. E-mail
  4. Phone Number (I guess if you really don’t want to include this you don’t have to but it would be real helpful for getting in touch with you)
  5. How did you get into hip hop?
  6. What is your experience/background in hip hop and/or writing? (Don’t worry this can just be a love for hip hop, doesn’t have to be anything more)
  7. Favorite rhyme of the moment

And that’s all folks! It might take us a while to get back to you and we might decide to hold on to your application for a while. We’ll probably try to stagger the guest posts a little bit. But anyways, good luck and hit us up if you have any other questions.

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