State of the Artist – Hank Moody EP

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As, hopefully, you all know I am from the Bay Area and I like to give shine to Bay Area artists but I have also found a second home up here in WA as I am in school.  So, here I got a local Seattle Hip Hop group that goes by State of the Artist.  Just a 3 track EP, but after hearing it, I am definitely waiting for more material! They are starting to get play on the local radio stations and are beginning to blow up, so download now and stay ahead of the curve. Hit the jump for a download link and a lil blurb from their camp.

“SOTA presents The ‘Hank Moody’ EP, a collection of three songs [most of which] were written and recorded while living at a studio in Santa Monica in September. The past few months have been eye-opening to say the least, and we are working on some truly incredible music. We wanted to drop you something in the meantime that feels very specific to that period of time for us and represents the hopes and desires of life in L.A. despite the dirtier reality the city brings to the table. In the end, we remain Californicated. We are Hank Moody.”

Hank Moody EP – DOWNLO@D

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