Top 10 to Watch For 2010 – #10 MaG

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Starting off the numbered portion of my countdown for 2010 is MaG hailing from the Bronx, New York.  He has been building buzz around the net for a couple years now entering competitions hosted by the likes of DJ Green Lantern, being featured on multiple other projects and actually releasing two of his own last year: an EP produced entirely by G.C. called $5 Cover as well as his debut solo project I Ain’t Going Back to Retail.  I will provide download links because both are definitely dope and worth multiple listens!

MaG is a very impressive lyricist, one so impressive that you will need to relisten and rewind the majority of his songs in order to catch all that he is saying.  He has a very complex flow that is deeply rooted in inner-rhymes.  His use of inner-rhymes combined with a very strong grasp of the English language allow him to use other literary tools like alliteration which in turn make his verses appear even more complex than they already are.  Because there is some sort of rhyme or emphasis on a majority of the words, MaG is able to manipulate your mind into thinking there is even more happening than is really going on.  His lyrics engross your thoughts to the point that it is beyond listening to what he is saying and more a mental exercise in interpreting rhymes where no rhyme exists.  Instead of forcing words to rhyme by saying them differently, he lets you trick yourself into saying them differently – a skill that I have seen in very few rappers. I chose a small section from the song “It’s Alright” just as an example some of the things I am talking about.

“Both in the game/ but maybe just different players/ glad that I’m MaG, an onion of new layers/ each peel is a slice of my skin/ what I feel is what you hear when your ipod’s in/ this is my story/ press play, begin”

He has multiple rhyme schemes going on in just this section, for instance he rhymes game, players, layers and then play again at the end.  Even though the last word “play” is a few lines away from the others, MaG’s flow allows me to pick up right where he left off, assuming that there was an “ay” sound throughout.  He also as uses the “peel” and “feel” as well as “skin,” “in” and “begin.”  I found myself adding in more words to those rhyme lists when listening but I left out the non direct rhymes to keep from changing your listening experience.  These simple rhymes become a complex verse when all added together and MaG’s flow takes it to the next level.

This guy is definitely someone to watch for in 2010!

$5 Cover – DOWNLO@D

I Ain’t Goin Back to Retail – DOWNLO@D