Sol & Common Market Live at Nuemos

Posted on February 7, 2010 by


Last Thursday, 2/4, I was able to check out Seattle Haiti Relief Hip Hop Show.  The show was organized by Sol who also performed as did The Physics, Dyno Jamz and Common Market.  It was a really cool oppurtunity to check out and support the local hip hop scene.  I only really got to see Sol and Common Market perform but they were both really dope.  Up top is a video of Common Market performing their song “Tobacco Road” and below are some more videos and a continued description of the concert.Common Market was really dope, full 5-6 man band which was real interesting change for most of the songs but overall I think it did add to the live experience.  For the encore, RA Scion (emcee of Common Market) asked the crowd,  “Are there any emcees out there?” And then allowed the opening acts as well as anyone form the crowd to come up on stage and join him in a 10+ minute cypher accompanied by his band.  It was a really sick thing to see, for at least in my opinion, that is what hip hop is all about.  unfortunately I was enjoying the performance too much to film that too.

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