Trav Williams & Moonchild – Better Late Than Never EP

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Earlier this week, we brought you the lead single and as promised, here is the full EP brought to you by HipNOTT artist Trav Williams and produced entirely by Moonchild.  Trav plans to release one more free EP, as well as the followup to his 2008 mixtape, The Learning Curve, before his official HiPNOTT Records release, The Elixir, in November.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Trav Williams has been releasing music directly to the listeners since 1998. His music successfully blends vintage hip-hop with experimental concepts and new age production. Trav Williams has performed everywhere from Phoenix, Arizona to Atlanta, Georgia. Although Williams leans on the classic strength of his musical catalog, his ferocious stage performance continues to win over the fans. The Trickle Down, Williams’ full length debut, was released in early 2008, and has served as a springboard for his young career. Trav has been featured on several internet outlets such as websites like, and blogs like and Hip Hop Update. To his credit, Williams has worked with Akil of Jurassic 5 and DJ Speek Greene (Jaz-O’s DJ). He has also performed with Kev Brown, Ghostface Killah, and many more. When all is said and done, Williams is confident that his brand of dope lyrics, creative concepts, and stand-out live performances will be the keys to his success.

Better Late Than Never – DOWNLO@D

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