G-Eazy from the Bay to LA

Posted on March 30, 2010 by


This is the first time we’ve featured G-Eazy a Bay Area native currently attending school in New Orleans, LA. He recently opened for Lil’ Wayne’s  “Before I Go Tour” and has performed with Girl Talk, Curren$y, Cory Gunz, Juvenile, Afroman and DJ Jazzy Jeff. My homie George put me on to his LP “The Epidemic” and I’ve been bumping his shit on the regular since. Hit the jump for music, info and links!

In his own words via his Blog :

“Yes. I’m white. Raised in Oakland and Berkeley, CA, currently chillin in New Orleans.

Yes. I’m in college but don’t compare me to Asher Roth. College is hard to love when u don’t come from the Suburbs and have hella student loans to pay. Fuck.

Yes. I wanna make millions one day and ball outrageous.

Yes. I make all my own beats, and record all my shit in my dorm room.

Yes. I’m chill but if you see me in public and approach me and don’t know me, if u get a weird vibe from me, I’m not tryna be hollywood its just I’m hella socially awkward and don’t know how to take compliments.

Yes. I listen to The Beatles everyday.

Yes. I listen to Tribe Called Quest everyday.

Yes. I spit. But if you see me at the club don’t ask me to battle. That shits annoying and I’m tryna chill.

Yes. I do a lotta shows, and perform with a live band. Those guys are dope as fuck.”

Dowload his mixtape  “The Tipping Point” here and buy the LP “The Epidemic” here.