Rest in Paradise Guru (1966-2010)

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UPDATE: There are a lot of tributes out there, but I thought that the one from Guru’s Gangstarr partner, Dr Premier, was worth posting.  After the jump, you can find a download link to the whole 2 hour segment as well as a few of the music sections broken up for my radio show’s purpose.

Today, we have all woken up to some very terrible news, Keith Elam also known as Guru from Gang Starr has passed away after a long battle with cancer.  I don’t need to explain the significance of Guru and Gang Starr but I saw at that they are taking a 24 hour moment of silence for Guru and we at will be joining them.  We will not make any posts until after midnight tonight and we ask that you save any comments until after that time.  One of the beauties of music is even after a tragedy occurs where we lose someone, we can always turn up the speakers and hear their voice. I will be bumping their whole catalogue today, I suggest you do the same.

Full Interview – DOWNLO@D or STRE@M

Music Segments – DOWNLO@D

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