P.So & The Soundmen – Back To Back (Soundmen Remix)

Posted on April 27, 2010 by


Fresh off of the success of the critically acclaimed Moontones, P.SO and the Soundmen return with another hit!  Wolfgang’s new song “Back to Back” has taken the indie rock world by storm, quickly being added to playlists world wide.  A introspective song about the trials of love, P.SO and the Soundmen decided to try their hand at a remix.  The Soundmen have had great success with their Snoop Dogg/ Kid Cudi remix of “That Tree” so it only made sense for them to collaborate with P.SO for this remix.  Check it out!

“Sleeping with my back to yours

Back to back, back to back whats to know,

Sleeping with my back to yours”

Don’t walk away don’t walk away”


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