Dannie Phantom – Life on Saturn

Posted on May 4, 2010 by


This is quite a string, but you guys know that the artist S1xt6en has been featured on here often.  Well, a while ago he sent me a song that he was on from a rapper named Juse Dayne’s mixtape which I then played on my radio show.  I really liked it so I downloaded Juse’s tapes and was throughly impressed.  And now for the story to apply to the post, Dannie Phantom produced one of the tracks “Blast Off” off of Juse’s Book 2.  Juse then recommended I check his solo project and his production skills were already proven, I downloaded it and felt I should definitely post it up here.  I’ve only listened a couple of times through, but as the title suggests, it has a very spacy vibe to it.  Music I can imagine myself listening to in all kinds of situations.  After the jump, I have a download link as well a video of him making a beat from scratch.

Life on Saturn – DOWNLO@D