Top 10 to Watch For 2010 – #8 Hollywood FLOSS

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Hollywood FLOSS comes in at #8 on our Top 10 to Watch For 2010 list.  If you have never heard of him, before you make any judgments let me just say that his music doesn’t sound like you think it does.  Hailing from Houston, TX, his music doesn’t sound like you think Houston does either, HF has his own sound that he has been developing for years.

A lot of his music is up beat, feel good music that tackles an array of topics ranging from relationships to being “vertically challenged”.  He is a very talented artist as he does the majority of his own production as well.  I also admire his grind process and creativity, the Internet has created an outlet for anyone to become a rapper by having a Myspace music page but HF has created clever niches that set him apart.  He has a rare combination of talent, both in rhyming and producing, hard work and creativity that makes me almost positive this guy is going places.  I got the chance to ask Hollywood Floss some questions in order for y’all to get to know him better.  Below is a link to his Bandcamp site where his LPs can be purchased as well as a download link to his last mixtape, Xperiment Vol. 1.

Purchase at Bandcamp

Xperiment Vol. 1 – DOWNLO@D