New Artist Alert: Kobra

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Hailing from Orlando, FL, Kobra is technically a Southern artist although he does not fit the stereotypes of the usual Southern rapper.  This mixtape, 1 in a Million, showcases his versatility as there are wordy lyrical gems as well as radio singles on there too. In Kobra’s words, “the mixtape combines a lot of different scenes of my life and the stuff that i’ve seen and experienced…alot of inspirational stuff, some is humorous also, and every hip hop artist has to do a little bit of boasting lol. but I look at the project in full as a reflection of life experiences…” We have featured Kobra on here before so hit the jump for a tracklist and download link for the new tape.

1.  Roses & Revolvers  (prod. by Encore)
2.  1 in a Million
3.  Skyline
4.  Let the Good Times Roll (prod. by JTGETEM)
5.  Dime a Dozen (prod. by IDLABS)
6.  U Can Find Me
7.  Ride Tonight
8.  Feel So Right ft. TZ
9.  Til The Day Ends
10. Stand Tall (The Triumph) (prod. by Izzy Beats)
11. Home Sweet Home ft. Ashley Grier (prod. by Black Light Ent)
12. To The Top ft. Nino Blu
13. Feel So Right Remix ft. TZ (prod. by D*Greezy)
14. Ecstacy  (prod. by D*Greezy)
15. Morning After ft. Haley (prod. by Basek)
16. Never (prod. by Backwords)
17. Guess Who ft. Jas Il
18. Express Thru Song
19. I Don’t Care ft. Ashley Grier
20. Outro

1 in a Million – DOWNLO@D