New Artist Alert: Sullee J

Posted on June 18, 2010 by


Sullee J is a Pakistani/American hailing from Baltimore, MD, not quite the standard for emcees but this guy can flat out spit.  He focuses on using his music to draw light on some of society’s problems as well as internal human struggle.  He challenges every day notions and makes you question what is goin on in the world.  I believe that he has chosen poetry/rap just because he is very good at it, that is, I feel that he has a message that he would be pushing no matter what he did, but rap has just become the medium for him to inspire others.  I am very impressed by both what he says and also how he says it.  Sullee J is an artist worth checking out, hit the jump for a link to his most recent mixtape and stay tuned as a 3rd is already in the works.

Rap Cemetery – DOWNLO@D