Top 10 to Watch For 2010 – #7 Pill

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Atlanta has contributed quite a lot to hip-hop, from talented emcees to party starters to trap rappers.  Pill happens to be all three.  A brief listen to any of his three mixtapes displays his talent while also showing his sense of humor as well as a darker side brought out by his time on the streets.

Coming from the projects and a history of drugs, Pill is at his best rapping about his past – being a storyteller.  He is able to create vivid imagery, setting the scene in a way that, even for someone who has no real idea what it is like (like myself), we are able to get the picture.  When many rappers are glorying the drug trade, Pill has taken the opportunity to admit not all is so great, despite it being a source of income. As heard on the song “Glass” from 4075: The Refill, he says

“ask for forgiveness because I know this ain’t livin that I’m livin/

cool decisions that easily let a n***a in prison/

a vision of having better days/

instead the reality of me serving several jays/

I ask for help. Please/

Get me up off these corners, I can’t see myself leave”

His honesty regarding the difficulties he encounters and yet the possibly graver difficulty of leaving that situation allows the listener to empathize to a certain degree as most people have done something that they didn’t necessarily want to be doing.

As found on most mixtapes, Pill also makes use of other popular beats in addition to original production.  Some beats he uses as tributes to fallen legends but others, such as his takes on Destiny’s Child’s “Jumpin” or Drake’s “Over” (which he cleverly changed to ‘Sober’) are clearly meant to be played in a party setting.

He shows off his versatility with gritty stories of selling drugs, Gucci Mane-esque street anthems like “Trap Goin Ham” that helped gain him notoriety, as well as party songs, all the while staying true as a lyricist.   Pill recently signed to Asylum and his 3rd mixtape, 1140: The Overdose was a Gangster Grillz tape hosted by DJ Drama.  It will be interesting to see how he handles himself and his music as he gains popularity;  all this and more make Pill one of’s Top 10 to Watch For.

Unfortunately, Pill was not available for an interview because he is busy in the studio recording his next project (so maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it….) but I will hopefully get it done soon!

4180: The Prescription – DOWNLO@D

4075: The Refill – DOWNLO@D

1140: The Overdose – DOWNLO@D