St. Joe Louis – 30,000 Ft. High & Rising

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After a brief  layover with the Almost There FreEPSt. Joe Louis takes us 30,000 ft High & Rising. It commences with an homage to De La Soul on 30,000 and then sky-rockets into the epic life journey’s of Elete, Tommie Chase and Michael Cardigan. The title deals not just with being fly but about the pressures that come with reaching for your dreams. The trio- candid in their approach and transparent in their delivery – share their triumphs and failures on tracks like “I Reply” and “Run Out Of Love” respectively. 30,000 Ft High and Rising features Skyzoo, PH (formerly Pumpkinhead), Daniel Joseph and many more!

1.30,000 (ft. Chordz Cordero)

2.Good Morning

3.I Reply

4.Run Out of Love

5.So Far (ft. Stevie Lee)


7.Top Model

8.Shooting Star (ft. Malay)

9.Dripping (ft. Daniel Joseph)

10.Black Magic

11.Tell Em (ft. Skyzoo)

12. Moments (ft. Nucci Reyo & Chordz Cordero)

13.Goodnight (ft. PH)

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