Jason James & Rodney Hazard – Fame Us (Video)

Posted on September 30, 2010 by


From Web himself, ” ‘Fame Us’ is the backbone and central theme of Marvelous World Of Color. For a number of years now I’ve studied the media and their influence on western society. It’s a scary thing when you disconnect from the program, step back and really see what’s going on. You start to notice how the media manipulates and uses people like puppets in order to distract the general public from the real issues at hand. The era that we live in today, I would compare it to the nazi propaganda of World War II. The media has so much control over how we perceive things and so many people are looking to them to be their main source of information. What I wanted to do with this song was write it from the inside perspective through the eyes of the people who are being used to create this great distraction. Essentially, I wanted to take the idea of celebrity, strip it down and make it human. Filmed over the course of 2 days and directed by Rodney himself, the video focuses less on story-line and more on eye catching visuals. “

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