Top 10 to Watch For 2010 – #5 Chip Tha Ripper

Posted on October 26, 2010 by


Overall, while I do like the idea of accompanying my Top 10 to Watch For list with interviews from the artist, I think that the execution of this plan has been less than stellar.  I am in the process of working out interviews with everyone left on my list but I am going to start announcing the list and posting interviews at other times because really a Top 10 to Watch For list should be out at the beginning of the year.  I am going to finish off this year’s, make some changes and get back at it again next year.

That being said, I am proud to announce that the #5 to Watch For 2010 is Ohio native Chip Tha Ripper.  With a low voice and laid-back flow, most of Chip’s music is calming yet can still be complicated.  Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Chip is probably best known by his association with Kid Cudi and the features on Man on the Moon but it is time that Chip starts to break out.

It may be the voice, but I can definitely hear glimpses of Notorious BIG in Chip’s raps for instance in his feature verse on Big Sean’s “5 Bucks” he has a line “why speed? No need. I be, just takin it slow/ I be so clean diesel overpowers my cologne”.  I apologize for the punctuation but I tried to convey where he paused because he delivered it in a strange manner.  That verse is actually one of my favorite from Chip and also features a line that draws pretty direct comparisons to Biggie, at least in my mind.

His best asset is his voice and Chip understands the capabilities of his tool at hand.  Many of his rhymes use alliteration, the repetition of hard sounds combined when delivered by Chip can help his words blend into the song and sometimes even add new elements to the bass line.   Currently, Chip is working on a mixtape with Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids, which should be dope.  I think that Chip Tha Ripper is definitely someone to watch for because he is getting a bigger buzz online and I think he will be able to translate his skills to a full length project.

Independence Day – DOWNLO@D

The Cleveland Show – DOWNLO@D

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