New Artist Alert: Preemo

Posted on November 2, 2010 by


UPDATE: Moved back to the top because Preemo just released a new project. Download Strange Brew along with other stuff too. A fun fact: Strange Brew is half in English and half in Swahili, check it out because I KNOW you have never heard anything like this before.

A few weeks ago I posted a track from the homie Kyle Hubbard featuring another Houston rapper.  That rapper was Preemo, that verse was the first I had heard from him but since then he has sent me a lot of dope music.  A talented underground emcee, you can tell from his music that he has been through a lot but you can also tell that music has helped him through it.  He is an artist whom you can hear his emotion and passion in pretty much every song.  In usual NAA fashion, I am going to post a bio after the jump as well as some videos, and download links.

“Preemo has worked hard to escape the box that so many have tried to put him in. He left home at 13 years old and has dedicated his life to music. Its what he does. Its who he is. Preemo’s daughter was born when he was just 15 years old. He decided to start taking his music more seriously, and has become a dedicated professional. One listen to his latest album, Concrete Dreams, shows just that.”

New Album: Strange Brew – DOWNLO@D

Old Album: Concrete Dreams – DOWNLO@D

Mixtape: Flight 713 – DOWNLO@D