Top 10 to Watch For #4-#1

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I want to apologize for the execution of this Top 10 to Watch For List, I had chosen my emcees early this year but I also set out to interview each artist to accompany each post.  Now, the New Year has snuck up on me and it is almost time to introduce 15 new emcees for 2011.  I know you were supposed to be looking for these guys in 2010 but keep them in mind moving forward.  That being said, I am going to combine 4-1 into one post and I will be working on interviews with these guys as well.

Number 4 is Donnis and I really wish I had gotten his post done earlier because then y’all could have been just as happy as I was the first time I saw that Adidas commercial that is using his song “Gone”.  Donnis has got the southern slang and sound but still has pretty clever lyrics.  His music is quite versatile and can be played in multiple situations ranging from a party to the car. Even in today’s age, Donnis refuses to release music too often allowing his fans to really get in touch with his projects.  You can check out my review of his debut mixtape here and I am very excited to hear Diary of an Atl Brave 2 which should be dropping this February.

Donnis – The Invitation – DOWNLO@D

Freddie “Gangsta” Gibbs is repping the Midwest and more specifically Gary, Indiana at the #3 spot.  He’s been through a lot on the streets – growing up in a tough neighborhood – and he has been through a lot in the industry – having been signed by Interscope only to be dicked around and then cut – but he is still here and he has a lot to say.  He is very edgy and very talented, a vivid storyteller and one of the few that is still doing justice to Gangster rap.  It is quite fitting that he has since relocated to the West Coast and was the 1st rap act since NWA (2nd ever!) to grace the cover of LA Weekly.

Freddie Gibbs – The Labels Tryin to Kill Me – DOWNLO@D

Underground West Coaster TiRon (pronounced Tuh-Ron) has put out two projects the last two years and they are easily two of the best in that span.  TiRon’s music is relatable for all types of people no matter your background or where you are from.  Even when you personally do not relate, his music allows you to understand what he is really saying as opposed to alienating the listener.  He talks about real situations, problems and triumphs and does it in a way that always sounds good.  TiRon is a talented lyricist and definitely has a solid place in the return of the West!

TiRon – Ketchup – DOWNLOAD


“If you don’t know my name, I ain’t workin hard enough” is one of the catch phrases for our #1 to Watch for this year: Donny Goines.  Having only been in the game for a few years, he is still technically a rookie but his discography begs to differ.  Donny is an extremely passionate artist whose energy and charisma jump through the speakers on every track.  He is a hard worker and you can really hear it as you listen to his projects oldest to newest, obviously he was born with some talent, but he does not allow himself to fall back on any type of crutch.   He is always trying to improve, and it is working.  I reviewed Donny’s last album The Breakfast Club here.

Donny Goines – 20X – DOWNLO@D