M-Rock – Best of Nate Dogg

Posted on March 21, 2011 by


Here is a nice tribute tape to Nate Dogg, who unfortunately passed last week, done by Da What fam M-Rock.

“This week’s M-Rock Mondays is a tribute to the best of probably the greatest hook vocalist in hip-hop.  Nate Dogg had made his mark as a legend and main ingredient in the game the first time we heard him on “Ain’t No Fun” off of the classic album, Doggystyle.  He’s “that dude who can make you cry even though he’s singing about putting his balls in somebody’s mouth!”.  Listening to his music all over again reminds me of how flawless his voice was, his songwriting and how essential he was in making a song a banger whether it’s for the club or something smooth like “Regulate” or “Never Leave Me Alone”.  Ice Cube said “it must be a single if Nate Dogg’s on it”, and rumour has it that “Oh No” (his single w/Mos Def, Pharaoh Monche) has a record for the highest vinyl rap singles sold.  Being a DJ who plays a bit of T-Pain and autotune-made music, it gives me a special appreciation to hear how much of a natural pitch-perfect singer Nate was – even his youtube freestyles give the impression that he did not rely on sound engineering the way today’s singers do.”


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