Top 10 To Watch For – #10 Vic Mensa

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To start off this year’s Top 10 to Watch for is Vic Mensa from Chicago.  He is making noise as an emcee within the hip hop community with great solo releases like his Straight Up EP in addition to his band Kids These Days picking up ground and even getting run on MTV Jams.  Although he is young, he shows definite promise as a true spitter that is wise beyond his years.  His maturity allows him to rap about things that one would not always expect from a teenager and that keeps his music refreshing.

One of his biggest strengths is his breath control, he always sounds comfortable on the mic which allows him to take on different styles of music like the ones found on his rap EP vs. the stuff he does backed by live instruments.  He is able to make his verses sound so calm even when he is rappin rather quickly and stringing together difficult sentences.  This skill gives his music a more polished touch, as the most recognizable difference between new emcees and the more experiences ones is usually flow and timing.  Vic Mensa is definitely in control on each track.  He doesn’t follow the Chicago Machine Gun flow but he does use multiple rhyming words within a line creating a blur of appealing sounds that become more impressive with each re-listen.  This is another aspect that gives Vic the feel of someone well beyond his year as the inner-rhymes and extended use of a single syllable make the rhymes far from elementary.

Vic is a very talented emcee and has great knowledge of what sounds nice as his group Kids These Days is catching on as well. From what I have heard and seen, they did a great job down at SXSW and people are starting to catch on. He is definitely someone to watch for moving forward.

Watch some of his videos below as well as a download link to his EP and remember that I am planning on interviewing the Top 10 artists and putting together some stuff for the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Straight Up – DOWNLO@D