Mac Smiff – Never Change

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A little bit of bias with email order as I clean out the inbox, got a banger from Portland emcee Mac Smiff.  Was lucky enough to to meet Mac a few weeks back and see him perform.  Stay tuned for more from the Seventh Science crew as there is a lot of talent over there!

“An ode to timelessness, “Never Change” is the first official solo release from Seventh Science emcee Mac Smiff. The exclusive track is the first of several independent releases prefacing his upcoming project, The Black Collar Movement, and features Doo Doo Funk All-Stars’ vocalist, Michael Whitmore. The song was produced by WHP and mixed by Terminill at Flatline Studios.

A combination of black tie and blue collar, Black Collar represents the working middle-class working to take their lives to the next level. This, in turn, represents the life and vision of Mac Smiff. Unapologetically sharp and impossibly driven, Mac can be found where ever the fun is. Whether modeling, rapping, or just taking in the nightlife, it’s safe to assume he is making the most of every moment with his very movement.

Never Change is a musical depiction of Mac Smiff’s commitment to remaining true to himself and his ideals. The lyrical arrangements are complex and will likely go over the heads of many fans, but in Mac’s words, “They’ll catch up.”

Don’t be the last to figure it out. The Black Collar Movement has begun.”


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