L’Daialogue DiCaprio – I Built My Own Buzz 2

Posted on May 27, 2011 by


“Memphis emcee L’Daialogue DiCaprio in conjunction with KevinNottingham.com is releasing his latest project titled I Built My Own Buzz 2 which is a sequel to his critically-acclaimed project I Built My Own Buzz released late 2010.

Teaming back up with his in-house production partner/engineer MiZUnderstatistic, L’Daialogue stays in theme by expressing his struggles and perseverance in the game as only he can. With subject matter ranging from the up-tempo “Spades Games” to the lyrically sincere “Mixtapes End, Albums Begin” to the eerily-prophetic “Mark Of The Beast” this project runs the gamut of the emotions and thoughts of an artist on the verge of making it and making big, inDAIpendently.

I Built My Own Buzz 2 has features from former Justus League affiliate L.E.G.A.C.YLyrikillMr. J’aiO.TMellowhypeSlangston HughesA. Levy, and vocalist Melody Jones with additional production from J-Snizzy & Rick Flare of the Beat Arkiteks.”


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