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I have mentioned that “Palestine” is on of my favorite tracks off of Luck’s True Theory.  His flow and rhyme scheme on this track are just insane but in addition to sounding nice, “Palestine” takes on a very controversial topic and shines light from either side.  Because Luck raps so quickly on this track, a lot of people have been missing what he is saying and that led him to post his lyrics.  I wanted to pass on that note to y’all. If you haven’t for some reason, GO BUY TRUE THEORY RIGHT NOW! Hit the jump to hear what he had to say, song is streaming above.

“For clarity’s sake….

Let me just begin by giving some context. When I wrote this song, I felt I had done it. Not even being entirely sure where it came frame, I stepped back from around an hour’s worth of scribbling on the pad, repeated to myself what I had written, digested the product, and thought “Damn, I’m good”.

At the time that this rhyme manifested itself ( it really was such a bizarre occurences I honestly nearly feel like I had no part in it) it never once occurred to me that my listening audience would have a hard time following my train of thought on this particular track. So, when upon it’s release people kept saying things to me like “Yo, that Palestine track is crazy…but what’s it about??” I was one part shocked, one part confused (the song is called “PALESTINE”, I thought that was a fairly big clue as to what it’s about, just saying…) and one part upset.

Since then, several people (shoutout Ibeth Hernandez, or @strictlybizz on twitter), being either puzzled by the songs contents, or sensitive to my frustration at the listener’s incomprehension have advised to put out the lyrics in written form. And so, here they are.

Without rambling, let me make a few things clear. The song is called Palestine, but the idea I tried to create was more about the interconnectivity and similarity, not only of human interaction, but motivation and desire between both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples. I end both of the verses with the same line to emphasize the above, and a second more subtle point: that violent conflict is generally fomented by stupidity and intransigience, and this I illustrate by likening BOTH sides to amerikan street gangs “Bloods and Crips”.

The song explores this conflict from both sides using the 760 kilometer wall that has seperated large parts of Palestine from Isreal since 2002 (if im not mistaken) as the focal point around which the narrative develops. The first verse is about a Palestinian youth attempting to cross a check point into Isreal for work, while the second verse deals with an Israeli in the employ of his government to construct said wall. The former deals with derision, while the latter deals with doubt. The problem in the end remains (surprise, surprise) unsolved.

For the sake of clarity and brevity, I will not deal with the chorus as I cannot presently find the translations. Suffice it to say I did indeed manage to find both a real Israeli and an extremely authentic Palestinian to briefly narrate what the struggle for peace in their father land meant to them. Interestingly enough, their sentiments were quite similar.


Shouts to Tru beats on the production, Terminill on the mix, and Khaki Mustafa and OP1 on the hook. If you have never actually heard this song in sonic form there is a link to the youtube at the bottom of this note.

Without further ado…

Verse one:

Right in the midst of the village where his clan lived, the youngun was slowly adapting to violence and the hate/

Prayin that it wouldn’t last, while he travels wit a pass, tryna make a little guda within an enemy state/

they stop him at the gate with a name/

that’s arabic they already know that he muslim so they taunt him and let him know that he faced with disdain/

though he looking at the soldier and his face was the same/

as his cousin Malik, who made it out and beat it the odds, from the killin squads/

plus the many mobs for God/

it’s demagogues givin bombs to the synogogues and mosques and let it eat away at the calm/

yet he reading everyday the qur’an, not depending on a free ride/

he side with a two state solution for seeking his freedom and never mettle with the jihad/

though the devil got his peeps tied/

it got him, knee deep in a tide of flesh, feeling weak up in his bones though he tried to rest/

though it hurt him in his soul, gotta make it through the check, just to get a little money and provide the flesh/

so he hugs his kids, seeking freedom like it does exist/

not sure in the spot raw, seekin an oasis in the sand, while the people in his clan, down to murder over land like bloods and crips, what”



“Gettin the heat from the children and all, working steady in the sun tryna finish up his work tho he feeling appalled/

Get his orders from the government, but he knows that he isn’t keeping with the covenant in building this wall/

yet it’s blood lust, for the military soldiers in the field getting bum rushed/

and they be on making the gun bust/

so he works for the perks, tho he’s knowing that it’s unjust/

feel as if it wasn’t right from the start/

cause the beef is over God, but the murder’s over land between a people he couldn’t tell apart/

knowing all of em only human and struggling to try and make a mark/

in this land called, stand tall or be murdered  by the bomb blast/

give it everything you got, but regulate in the spot for the contrast, dying to stay alive and experience the bombast/

that his palms grasp/

yet he be needing a break from this/

hard day’s work, many label hatefulness/

although the state got a fateful twist he can’t be leaving em straight shot, devoid of his gratefulness/

so he hugs his kids, seeking freedom like it does exist/

not sure in the spot raw seekin an oasis in the sand, while the people in his clan down to murder over land like bloods and crips, what”

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