Top 10 to Watch For – #8 Laws

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Laws is the number 8 to Watch For and I coincided this post with his new release on purpose.  The Florida resident and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Asylum and Warner Brother signee has been working hard on his Paul McCartney tribute project and I cannot wait to hear it.

 For those who know me or have followed this site for any period of time, I am sure that you know I am very into lyrics and actively search out talented lyricists when looking for new music.  Laws is definitely that, a talented lyricist, with a clever style that is unlike anyone else I listen to.  The only music I have really heard from him stems from the 4:57 mixtape and the revamped edition 5:01.  But the variety of original production by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and others as well electronic remixes show off Laws’ ear as well as tongue.  He has found a way to make progressive sounding music without losing touch with the genre of music that he clearly loves.  That is why I am not surprised by Laws’ choice to make a Paul McCartney dedication project – he is constantly pushing boundaries – but I know that heavy hip hop heads will still get down with this emcee. The fact that he draws inspiration and influence from so many genres keeps his music from getting repetitive.

 The consistency in his music is Laws himself and his ability to paint pictures with his words.  His songs cover an array of subjects which forces him to use his different tools; he can’t be dropping punchlines when talking about his serious desire to leave a 9to5 and make rap work but he doesn’t need to tell a vivid story when bragging and boasting.   Laws is definitely someone to keep your eyes on and I look forward to hearing this tape too.

Yesterday’s Future – DOWNLO@D

5:01 – DOWNLO@D